First online workshops of EnergySpin program Fall 2020 have been successfully completed!

First online workshops of EnergySpin program Fall 2020 have been successfully completed!

The first virtual workshops of EnergySpin 5th batch program have been successfully completed! Sessions were divided in morning and evening groups to provide the opportunity to all startups from all different time zones to follow the workshops live. The speakers were excellent, and we were very excited to follow the great questions and stories of the startups.

The program opened with storytelling sessions. The first 3 days’ workshop “Inspirational storytelling: how to convince and standout with your speech” was given by Kjell Dahlin, author of a number of books in communication and attitudes, lecturer in rhetoric and specialist in presentation technique and corporate story telling. 

The startups had the chance to follow a great speech by Kjell Dahlin and afterwards work on the assignment of updating their company’s pitch. With Kjell’s tips and advices the second day was full of great speeches by the startups and valuable feedback by Kjell and the other startups.

Storytelling sessions continued with another great workshopHow to conquer the world, detect and stay focused on the important things when trying to expand globally” by Ludo Thijssen, a well-experienced finance professional with +20 years of experience in finance, business growth, startups and leadership and an exceptional Speaker and Mentor of EnergySpin!

The startups had the chance to hear real life examples of entrepreneur’s struggles and success and most importantly they got the chance to discuss with Ludo about their own thoughts and real-life problems. Ludo gave valuable feedback and insights to important issues such as how to secure an income while proving your solution to a global corporate without jeopardizing a possible future business deal, how to work with engineers and cultural differences, IPR protection and much more.

The goal of the story telling workshops was to sharpen the business communication skills of the startups, prepare them for the meeting with our partners and help them in the communication with global corporations.

Thank you, Speakers for the great workshops and startups for the great job!

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