Energy Spin | Partners
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“Our world has become much more dynamic and the pace of innovation will continue to increase. In large companies small ideas struggle to survive and accelerate, no matter how innovative and relevant they might be. Wärtsilä sees the Energy Spin cooperation model as an excellent opportunity to lift these initiatives to their full potential. Currently our focus is on energy management and digitalisation, supporting our extensive service portfolio. We actively look for partners who can help us take the next steps in future technology.”

“We expect to find future possible partners through EnergySpin”

The Switch A Yaskawa Company – adding value by lowering the cost of new energy for the market

“Pushing innovation boundaries is in the Danfoss DNA. This is what we’ll be looking for in EnergySpin , too.”

Danfoss – engineering technologies that enables the world of tomorrow to do more with less


” Bringing experiences and productivity into everyday life, together with EnergySpin”

Elisa – digitalization, communication, sustainability

“We’re building a better working world. Here, EnergySpin fits right in. ”

Ernst & Young – trust and confidence in business, accelerating growth and development of talent

“As a leading software and services company, we want to know what new innovations are out there”

Tieto – the customer’s first choice for business renewal

We believe that the growth of existing companies, the birth of new ones and innovations in the long run will benefit both the energy sector as a whole and Vaasan Sähkö. That is why supporting programs like EnergySpin is so valuable for us.

Vaasan Sähkö Oy – a strong energy corporation with its core businesses within selling and distributing energy and district heating

Innovative solutions for data collection, mining, transmitting and refining

One of the first venture capital management companies in Europe that focuses on clean technologies, in particular renewables, electrical systems and energy savings

helps its customers deliver sustainable solutions that supply the society with the energy it needs.