TOP30 Most Promising Energy Startups of 2018

TOP30 Most Promising Energy Startups of 2018

We are honoured to introduce you the TOP30 most promising Energy Startups in Europe of 2018.


This listing was developed by students of University of Vaasa, Finland, under the collaboration of EnergySpin, University of Vaasa and Vaasa Entrepreneurship Society.

The jury consisted of international 15 bachelor and master’s students from various business study backgrounds including Finance, Marketing & Communication, Business Administration, International Business and Strategic Business Development.

The students learned to use critical thinking and assessment tools to evaluate companies from the investor perspective and spot emerging and promising companies on the market.

From their perspective, there are many strong startups from Western and Northern Europe, but there are more and more emerging startups in Central and Eastern Europe that shouldn’t be overlooked in upcoming years.

The complete list can be find here:

TOP30 of 2018



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