Spinners from Spring batch 2018 graduated!

Spinners from Spring batch 2018 graduated!

The spring program might be over, but it is only the beginning for many of our startups and their projects in EneryVaasa, the biggest energy hub in Nordics.

We joined Energyspin to collaborate with energy sector companies and find new business opportunities.” Explains Jarkko Malinen from Fuusio Labs.

In this batch we had startups not only from Europe ( Fuusio Labs, SpinDrive, Geyser Batteries, LAAVAT, LGM and OBF Technology) but also the USA ( Nikola Labs) and India (MobiiKey).

The main driver behind joining the program was clear: gain new and valuable connections with our corporate partners.

“SpinDrive decided to apply for EnergySpin accelerator because we were hooked by the impressive partner list. These big Finnish energy companies are dream partners for the energy startup.” (Nikita Uzhegov, SpinDrive)

But the program is not about exchanging business cards and OBF Technology is a good example of it:

We joined EnergySpin because we found it as a good opportunity to meet industry experts and potential partners for cooperation, this is our main goal on this phase. It turned out very good, the concept of creating pilot projects with industry partners is exactly what we need, and we are happy to develop a cooperation project with two potential partners.(Reinis Spunde, OBF Technology)

The program was not only focused on getting the right contacts and meetings with our corporate partners, but during the program we supported startups in developing their business ideas, so that after completing the program, they are equipped for the next growth of their business, besides the established collaboration with our partners.

During the last couple of months, the startups went through one-on-one and peer collaborative workshops on product excellence, developing business models, strategizing from the startup perspective, planning for internationalization and how to manage different elements necessary for growth of startups, including investor excellence.

The team has been spectacular in providing valuable guidance for start-ups and facilitating meaningful connections with corporations in the industry.” (Janice Escobar, Nikola Labs)

The program itself exceeded our expectations. The quality of the material, level of the speakers and the amount of support were just superior.” (Nikita, SpinDrive)

EnergySpin is a wonderful initiative to help startups from around the world especially in the energy sector. MobiiKey had a wonderful experience, great insights, guidance, wonderful meetings and connections. We feel we have a home now in Europe because of EnergySpin.” (Ravi Reddy, MobiiKey)

The final stage of the program included Cleantech Venture Day, where our startups were tested on a stage in front of a room full of investors, participated in a networking event on French embassy with the ambassador and representatives of various organizations involved in Cleantech, and wrapped it all up in Tieto Tower together with our partners.

Overall, it was a successful and fruitful season.

And even though the program is over, we are expecting to see most of the startups coming back to continue developing projects with the corporate partners or with their customers.

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