Phase 1: Product Excellence

Phase 1: Product Excellence

We are 3 weeks into the program and the startups are vigorously working on their assignments and proposals to push their business further.

The first phase of the program is focused on Product Excellence, but what does it really mean?


The main objective is for the startups to put all cards on a table, and for us to start fully understanding and testing the startups, to help them define the UNIQUE value proposition and direct them towards the right direction. Frankly, it was a challenging task for our startups and couches as well as our partners and us, but it resulted in many fruitful and eye-opening discussions, and even more business opportunities than what were expected prior to these discussions.

As a multicorporate accelerator, we work closely with global corporates from different industries, who are dedicated to work with these startups. That is why, the corporates spent hours with individual startups and worked towards finding common grounds. They discuss the possibilities of future collaboration directly with them, with their partners within their value chain or already started discussion for piloting projects.

The startups were probed not only by our partner companies, but also various investors, industry and business experts and of course by each other. Because EnergySpin is not only about providing experienced couches and facilitators, but is also about networking, collaboration and most importantly future growth.

It has been an exciting ride so far, so hold tight…the train has just left the station and the adventure is only at the beginning.

Do you want to know how the adventure will continue? Stay tuned, because the startups are coming back to Vaasa already next week ?

Here are some of the pictures from the workshops :

Kick off networking at Bock’s Corner, local brewery and growing innovation center

Pitching to investors and learning about how to work with VCs  and what to expect from them


Workshop on Lean Canvas and building of Value Propositions 


Different solutions, but all with one purpose…to grow!


Getting together after hard work in the office is an essential part of the program as well 😉  

See you all soon, back in Vaasa =) 

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