Company Jukolux Oy
Team Ismo Aukee (CEO), +25 years of experience in Leadership, Design, Sales, Marketing and R&D.
Sami Gräsbeck
(Global Director), +6 years of experience in Design, IT, Marketing, Sales and R&D.Rainer Rönnback (Marketing Director), +17 years of experience in Strategy, Marketing, Sales and Process Development.
Product/offer Robust luminaires for hazardous locations.
Different/unique Maintenance free, easy-to-install, long lasting and waterproof luminaires.
Growth 2018: 1.5 M€

2019: 3 M€

2020: 7 M€

2021: 15 M€

Customer Oil & Gas, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Mining, Power Plants.
Revenue model Multi-channel product and project sales strategy with selected partners.
Funding aFunded until 2018.
Raising Series A in 2019-2020.
Goals 3 months: Product families certified.
6 months: 0.5 M€ order intake.
12 months: Five new distributors in CIS and North America.
References Fennia Prize 17, Design Award.

Pilots at Oil & Gas and Power Generation companies.