IndustrySim Ltd.

Company IndustrySim Ltd.
Team Tomas Rosin (CEO) M.Sc (Chem.eng), 30 years in industrial automation and measurement

Bartosz Bień
(CTO), 20 years as a full-stack software architect, developing games and simulation software.

Product/offer Industrial simulation game
Different/unique IndustrySim Virtual Platform is a customizable, easy-to-use, simulation game boosting the efficiency of training and product marketing by up to 10x.The
Growth 2018: 250k€
2019-22: 1000% CAGR2023: 20M€
Customer Industrial SME’s and large enterprise. Serious gamers.
Revenue model Phase 1: A tailor made SaaS model (B2B).
Phase 2: Global sales network with SaaS (B2B).
Phase 3: License fees (B2B + B2C).
Funding Raising Seed: 800k€ for product finalization and launch; partnering.
Goals 3 months: Reference projects.
6 months: First distribution partners.
12 months: Product launch and sales.
References Best Work-in-Progress Award at the Sixth International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications (VS-Games 2014, Malta).
Green Impact A tool for boosting new ideas and concepts for improving the energy industry.