The BEST way to PREDICT the FUTURE is to DESIGN it. - Buckminster Fuller

What is EnergySpin?

Energyspin is a growth program for startup companies which are seeking for international growth. The ten-week-long Accelerator programme includes company-specific training for business growth planning, product development, commercialization, marketing and communications, and especially financing.

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To Whom?

All startup companies in the energy sector are welcome to apply, as well as startup enterprises in fields linked to the energy sector, such as digitalization, IoT, cybersecurity and gamification not forgetting smart grid, power optimization, renewables.

Why join?

EnergySpin offers startups a fabulous opportunity to get a real impression of the prospects of the Vaasa region energy cluster. Our international partner companies are looking for companies which are ready to change the future. We want to open the doors for you.

Apply for our accelerator program Fall 2018!

EnergySpin accelerator – energizing the future

We believe in clean and sustainable future. We want to help startups and enterprises reach their goals where the world is provided by clean and affordable energy for everyone. We spin the energy companies to the next level – worldwide.


Renewable energy solutions pave the way for sustainable future: Solar, wind, wave, ground.


Balancing solutions are needed: Battery, materials, IoT, Buildings


Less is more, more intelligent is better: Power management, materials, smart grid, IoT


Innovative solutions and technology can come from anywhere: Waste-to-energy, electronics,

Top 30 Energy Startups

Together with VES Vaasa Entrepreneurship Society we carefully analyze energy startup companies and select with our criteria the 30 most promising ones which we believe will have a positive impact on earth.

IoT and smart grid0%


Power storage 0%

Others 0%

Others 0%