Company Fintras
Team Kimmo Leskinen CTO, MSc. 30 years LED technology R&D &management

Jarkko Koivula GM, BSc. 5 years in R&D of Fintras

Esa Sointula CEO, BSc. Founder. 12 years at Fintras + 20 years in electronics business management.


Product/offer DC-power systems for off-grid, lighting, data centers, substations and electric car rapid-chargers.
Different/unique 30% more efficient + 50% lower lifetime cost DC-systems
Growth From 2016 to 2017 growth was over 300%. We target 50M€ turnover within 5 years.
Customer Lighting companies, Train manufacturers, Marine industry.
Revenue model Direct sales.

Partnerships in marine and train business.

Brand label.

Funding Personal pre-seed funding.
Raising 500k€ growth capital.
2M€ funding in 6-12months.
Goals 3 months: Implement new strategy, 3 deals, first funding

6 months: 2-3 strong partnership agreements, start 2M€ funding

12 months: Expand sales and growth

References 50 projects in Finland and Baltics including customers like Patria, Finnish Military Forces, Finnish Railways.