Cleaner Future

Company Cleaner Future
Team MD Joni Lepistö, MBA, BSc. 20 years in engineering, project- and business management in energy efficiency and renewables

Timo Hämeen-Anttila, MSc. 10 years Solar inverter productization and management

Tuomas Lehtimäki, LLM. MSc (Econ) 10 years Strong experience in capital markets and cleantech mergers and acquisitions.

Arto Alho, MSC. 20 years Long international management experience in energy technologies.


Product/offer Solar system that improves power quality and energy efficiency in off-grid applications.
Different/unique 2-in-1 active filter & inverter for grid power quality in real time providing up to 10% fuel savings and extending the lifetime of generators.
Growth 2018: Two projects (total order intake 3M€)

2019: Four projects (total order intake 6M€)

2020: Eight projects (total order intake 25M€)

2021: 15-20 projects (total order intake 50M€)

Customer Off-grid utilities and industry. Remote towns and villages.
Revenue model Phase 1: Direct sales of turnkey solutions.

Phase 2: Development of partner network.
Phase 3: Brand labeling. Sales of energy (with financing).

Funding Raised 110k€ pre-seed funding.

Raising 300k€ for next 18 months of operations.

This does not include projects financing.

Goals 3 months: Pilot contract.

6 months: Pilot in operation. First commercial order received.

12 months: Second project order. Development of partner network in selected markets.

References Strong background in global sales and management (with Vacon, Nokian Capacitors, etc).