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Spin your startup to the next level!


Join the most unique energy multi-corporate accelerator in Europe, where we focus on individual approach and enabling you to get your business to the next level.



Fee and Equity Free of charge!

What you can gain out of it



Individual coaching

Piloting / Testing


Investment opportunities

Unique industry cluster

International collective


We accept companies from every stage of their development to our 10-weeks program. The only requirement is that your solution brings the clean future one step closer.

You are able to apply in two periods during the year, winter and summer with programs starting in April and September.

Please submit your application by filling the form on F6S platform.

The application includes description of your solution, market opportunities, competitors, finances and your team.


All companies, startups, growth companies, spin-offs, related to energy with adequate growth potential are entitled to apply. Also companies from other sectors with new business ideas to be implemented in energy sectors are welcomed.

The possibilities are endless and we are open to companies working with:

Renewable energy, energy saving and storage solutions.And also cross business solutions from IOT, Big Data, VR/AR, mobility, gamification, Open Data, 5G, analytics, cyber security, blockchain and AI.

Do you have a fresh and new idea or a solution challenging existing structures? Then what are you waiting for?


(program is subject to changes due to COVID-19 travelling restrictions)


Application period

for Fall 2020 – ended

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Top 24 startups got selected and invited for Selection days

Selection days

September 3rd & 4th 2020,

Virtual Event

Individual meetings with corporate partners

In depth discussions about the solution, company, stage and commitment


Final selection for the Accelerator Program

Top 11 startups got selected to proceed with the 1st Phase of the program!


Accelerator Program Opening Days


September 30th – October 2nd 2020

Virtual Event

Evaluation of proposition

product review


October 12th – 16th 2020

Virtual Event

Partner review


1st Phase of the Program

October 26th – October 30th 2020

Virtual Event

Startup preliminary tasks & workshops

EnergySpin preparation of startups for the follow up discussions with partners

Business model canvas


improving your pitch


November 2nd – November 6th

Virtual Event

Project review

Partner one-to-one meetings

Partner expectation

Startup value proposition


November 23nd – November 27th

Virtual Event

Opening the go-to-market challenges


Picking the right market & internationalisation


Vaasa Week

Going for business  

November 30th – December 5th  

Vaasa, Finalnd 

Product Excellence & Partner Meetings 

Product excellence

Investor expectations

B2B sales

Problem finding and tailored-made solution

Mentoring & coaching to prepare and support for partner meetings


Partner Days

Vaasa, Finland

Individual meetings with corporate partners


Teams’ Status Check

Virtual Event


2nd phase of the program

February 1st – 5th 2021

Virtual Event 

(Startups with agreed continuation with partners will proceed to 2nd Phase of the Program)

Let’s scale business


Investor excellence

Teams status check


Vaasa Week

February 8th – 12th 2021

Vaasa, Finland 

Partnering and Fundraising

Growth workshops

Co-development and partnership workshops

One-to-one meetings with the partners


Batch 5 Graduation


February 12th 2021

Vaasa, Finland