EnergySpin will be hosting EnergySpin Forum and Innovation awards during EnergyWeek 2020.

EnergySpin Forum is where world class energy startups and talents meet with international investors and executives. EnergySpin Forum features top tier speakers ranging from business founders and experienced investors to simply fantastic people behind the newest success stories within business.

Energy and Innovation Awards – the hall of fame of cases is here again and hosted by EnergySpin. That is chance for the innovators to tell us what their companies are capable of and what kind of awesome things they have done! The categories are: Digitalisation, Sustainability, Storing and Switching of Energy and the Future of Energy. Read more about the rules.

The finalists will be listed in the Energy Awards website and app. The winner will be announced at an award ceremony during EnergyWeek.

Innovators can apply through EnergyWeek homepage or through F6S.

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