Energy Spin | Jukolux
EnergySpin is a global business accelerator helping startups and growth companies to scale. EnergySpin is part of leading cleantech clusters in the world.
renewable, gigafactory, startup, IoT, big data, open data, cleantech, virtual power plants, cyber security
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Company Jukolux Oy
Team Ismo Aukee (CEO), +25 years of experience in Leadership, Design, Sales, Marketing and R&D.
Sami Gräsbeck
(Global Director), +6 years of experience in Design, IT, Marketing, Sales and R&D.Rainer Rönnback (Marketing Director), +17 years of experience in Strategy, Marketing, Sales and Process Development.
Product/offer Robust luminaires for hazardous locations.
Different/unique Maintenance free, easy-to-install, long lasting and waterproof luminaires.
Growth 2018: 1.5 M€

2019: 3 M€

2020: 7 M€

2021: 15 M€

Customer Oil & Gas, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Mining, Power Plants.
Revenue model Multi-channel product and project sales strategy with selected partners.
Funding aFunded until 2018.
Raising Series A in 2019-2020.
Goals 3 months: Product families certified.
6 months: 0.5 M€ order intake.
12 months: Five new distributors in CIS and North America.
References Fennia Prize 17, Design Award.

Pilots at Oil & Gas and Power Generation companies.