Energy Spin | IndustrySim Ltd.
EnergySpin is a global business accelerator helping startups and growth companies to scale. EnergySpin is part of leading cleantech clusters in the world.
renewable, gigafactory, startup, IoT, big data, open data, cleantech, virtual power plants, cyber security
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IndustrySim Ltd.

Company IndustrySim Ltd.
Team Tomas Rosin (CEO) M.Sc (Chem.eng), 30 years in industrial automation and measurement

Bartosz Bień
(CTO), 20 years as a full-stack software architect, developing games and simulation software.

Product/offer Industrial simulation game
Different/unique IndustrySim Virtual Platform is a customizable, easy-to-use, simulation game boosting the efficiency of training and product marketing by up to 10x.The
Growth 2018: 250k€
2019-22: 1000% CAGR2023: 20M€
Customer Industrial SME’s and large enterprise. Serious gamers.
Revenue model Phase 1: A tailor made SaaS model (B2B).
Phase 2: Global sales network with SaaS (B2B).
Phase 3: License fees (B2B + B2C).
Funding Raising Seed: 800k€ for product finalization and launch; partnering.
Goals 3 months: Reference projects.
6 months: First distribution partners.
12 months: Product launch and sales.
References Best Work-in-Progress Award at the Sixth International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications (VS-Games 2014, Malta).
Green Impact A tool for boosting new ideas and concepts for improving the energy industry.