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EnergySpin is a global business accelerator helping startups and growth companies to scale. EnergySpin is part of leading cleantech clusters in the world.
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Company IdealPore
Team . Volodymyr Bandura – Co-founder & CEO.  +10 years management of large-scale investment projects.

Myroslav Bandura – Co-founder & CTO. Inventor and engineer with 40 years in technology innovation, product design and industrial equipment development.


Employees: 17

Product/offer Factory model for producing advanced, durable foam materials for fire protection and insulation.
Different/unique Easy-to-implement: compact, mobile and customizable factory concept.
Growth Partnerships with local players and technology licensing to achieve fast rates of growth.
2018: 2M€2019: 6M€
Customer Companies who use or provide fire protection and insulation materials and services.
Revenue model Licensing to producers expanding their product portfolio.
2 years projected payback time for each industrial line.
Funding Seed: Founders money.
Series A: 1.5-2M€ to finance first industrial line.
Goals 3 months: Partner contract for first industrial line.

6 months: First industrial line under construction.

12-18 months: First full-scale industrial line put into operation.

References Existing pilot line is operational.