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EnergySpin is a global business accelerator helping startups and growth companies to scale. EnergySpin is part of leading cleantech clusters in the world.
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Company EnergySolaris
Team Erik Parsons (CEO), +20 years in design, strategy.

Roman Vasilascu (CTO), 8 years in solar air, logistics, IT.

Product/offer Solar air conditioning using 50 % less electricity.
Different/unique Solar air cooling technology and in-built energy storage.
Growth 2018-19: Pilot and pre-orders – 1M€
2020: Product launch – 20M€
Customer Hotels, Hospitals, Cruise Ships in hot-humid areas.
Revenue model Hardware sales initially. Lowest lifetime cost enables financed ‘pay-as-you-go’ revenue models.
Funding Raised 150k€ since 2013 in private investment & grants. Raising 50k€ Pre-seed & 250k€ Seed (+ equity-free match funding).
Goals 3m: Raise Pre-seed; register EU company.
6m: Build AirSolaris COOL 1st prototype & test.
12m: Raise Seed; agree first field pilot; Solar Keymark certified pilot production planned.
References Fraunhofer ISE (ISO Testing & Validation). EXPO Milano 2015; EXPO 2017 -Future Energy-; Top4 AccorHotels 2016 VivaTech; World Top12 Creative Business Cup 2016; EBAN Malaga 2017 Winner. Partner in